With the introduction to management complete considering the illustration of IoT devices, infrastructure and architecture we can now proceed to their core presentation on how IoT devices typical perform the communications. Prepare a 12-15 slide presentation regarding the following topics:

  1. Identify how IoT devices typically connect using the Internet through the IP (Internet Protocol) stack. Discuss the specifics of this communication method. In addition, describe the memory demands on the device to use this communications method.
  2. Define how IoT devices can also connect locally through non-IP networks, consuming less power, and connect to the Internet via a smart-gateways
  3. Identify how Non-IP communication channels such as Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC are used to support IoT device communication
  4. Identify how 6LoWPAN, incorporates IPv6 with low power personal area networks, and the types of communications/data transfers it supports.

Make sure to expand on each of the topics in the Speaker Notes with 3-5 paragraphs of info for each major topic in the notes.

Use APA format on each slide or in the notes to support all technical assertions.

Please submit your assignment.

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Intro To Mobile Week 2
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