Narrowing the broad topic of “higher education” to a specific subtopic, you’ll identify some of the issues–a problem or question within the topic that has multiple perspectives–within that subtopic, outlining the different positions people take and noting any unanswered questions (or, gaps in the research). For your assignment, you will write a self-contained review of 5-6 critical/scholarly sources on your sub-topic. The purpose of the assignment will be to more fully understand the complexity of the topic and to help you begin to develop and informed position within the conversation. Your literature review will contain: a title page an introduction that introduces the sub-topic and develops its context identifies why/to whom this sub-topic is valuable announces the purpose of the review a body that is divided into topical sub-headings summarizes the sources in relation to those headings synthesizes the sources in relation to one another (puts the article ideas in conversation with one another) evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of sources in relation to those headings a conclusion that recaps the topics/perspectives that are well-covered by the research identifies topics/perspectives that are under examined by the research poses possible questions you would want to answer if you were to develop this topic into a research paper a references page what higher education professionals have to say about their experiences teaching college students academic research into college populations and needs the other conversations being had in academia about the changing duties of college students and how colleges are/should respond


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