Hello, I need help with creating a basic HTML5 based form with Javascript validation. his input form will not submit any database to the server. It will validate and collect information from the user and go to a confirm page that displays the information entered and allows the user to confirm that the information is correct. The form requires First Name, Last Name, Address (A city, state, and zip code must also be included as part of the address), phone number, email address, birthdate, message field, and a confirmation method (captcha preferred). Once the user enters all this information in the form and hits submit, you will present the information and allow the user to confirm that it is all correct. The user should not be able to enter invalid data or leave fields blank.
The form will be sent to your email address using the form action=”mailto:address”.
See attached word doc for full instructions and formatting. Will need both the HTML code and Javascript code.
Javascript Form Validation