In 10-12 pages construct a strong argumentative research paper. This will be a basic essay with research to support your assertions. You will choose a creation myth and, by using exhaustive research, you will construct an argumentative essay explaining the relevance of the creation myth and its roots—this paper is not necessarily about the myth; it’s about the lessons. One way that you’ll need to look at this assignment is by showing how the creation myth teaches its civilization what to value. Remember that you are not proving or disproving the myth; you are merely telling your reader how the elements of this story constructs the society and, ultimately, teaches the inhabitants how to live by understanding what is important. Sometimes these lessons are explicit while, most often, they are implicit—we often don’t question the belief. To excel in this assignment, you’ll need to expose and analyze the implicit lessons of the creation myth taught through the story. Question everything, even the placement of an exclamation mark!


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