(a) Sample #2 should be a 50-utterance sample of typical language of a young child between the ages of 36 months and 60 months who has, or is suspected to have, delay in language development.
The sample may be either audio or video recorded. Recordings will not be turned in with the assignment, but they will be necessary to facilitate your interaction with the child during the sample collection and your transcription of the sample.
2. Develop the informal language assessment following instructions provided.
3. Collect the sample, recording at least 50 utterances.
4. Transcribe and analyze the samples following the instructions provided in the Informal Language Assessment. provided by the instructor. Selectively transcribe means write down the child’s utterances and behaviors you observe that illustrate specific language characteristics. This will be submitted with your report.
5. Submit the language assessment document, the transcript in an electronic format with your informal language assessment and processed report which will include:
(a) A description of the child, including age in months and brief background information;
(b) A description of the sample collection procedure (where, what time, persons present, child behavior/cooperation, etc), activities, etc.;
(c) A summary of the language analysis in narrative form;
(d) Your conclusion regarding the language development status of the child, based on your observations of characteristics of phonology, morphology, syntax and pragmatics observed during your meetings with the child. Give examples of language behaviors you observed indicating those………..
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Language Development,Assessment, age 4 years old

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