Part 1: write at least 300 words answer following questions.
Discussion question:
We started out this term emphasizing persistent challenges that Latin American countries have had to confront, chief among them inequality and poverty. Since then we’ve seen various reactions to, and attempts to address these conditions – from conditional cash transfer programs in Brazil, to student protests in Chile, to the election of leftist leaders like Hugo Chavez, to development of social movements like the MST and the Zapatistas. The Kingstone chapters assigned for this week additionally comb through existing evidence on the effects for inequality and poverty of the Pink Tide and the Golden Decade. What have we learned? Under what conditions are persistent inequalities most likely to be challenged? What are the best strategies, in your view, that government officials and/or citizens can adopt to promote more equal societies? Where do you find hope for a more equal, more just, Latin America? Your post doesn’t have to answer every single one of these questions…instead it should be organized around a central argument/theme related to addressing inequality (economic, political, or social) in Latin America, drawing/expanding on course material.
Part 2: response to my classmate’s post, write at least 300 words.
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Latin American political science discussion post