Leadership Dimensions:

2 pages or less. References to be in APA format. This is only part of a research paper.
Leadership Dimensions: The paragraph will focus on Zachary Kirkhorn leadership dimensions. No plagiarism.
Following are the 5 leadership dimensions for analysis (each bold phrase is a level 3 heading in your paper):
-Motivation and Communication: The manager/leader’s ability to motivate and communicate. Doe the manager/leader employ fear-tactics and/or intimidation to motivate? (CH.5)
-Developing Followers: The manager/leader’s role in developing followers and the strategies that she/he employs to accomplish this (CH.7 & 13)
-Leading Individuals and Groups: The manager/leader’s ability to effectively lead both individuals and groups in becoming a high performance team with a shared mission and collective responsibility (CH.10)
-Communicating a Vision: The manager/leader’s ability to lead by communicating a personal vision and strategies for implementing same (CH.13)
-Shaping Organizational Culture: The manager/leader’s ability to shape culture in formal and informal organizations. (CH. 14)
Leadership Styles:Include brief intro to Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model. (CH.3)

Leadership Dimensions: