2. Expected Cash Flows:

Debentures and preference shares are often redeemable, i.e., they are to be paid back after their maturity. The expected cash flows over the years must be sufficient to meet the interest liability on debentures every year and also to return the maturity amount at the end of the term of debentures. Thus, debentures are not suitable for those companies which are likely to have irregular cash flows in future.

. Stability of Sales:

Stability of sales turnover enhances the company’s ability to pay interest on debentures. If sales are rising, the company can use more of debt capital as it would be in a position to pay interest. But if sales are unstable or declining, it would not be advisable to employ additional debt capital.

. Control over the Company:

The control of a company is entrusted to the Board of Directors elected by the equity shareholders. If the board of directors and shareholders of a company wish to retain control over the company in their hands, they may not allow to issue further equity shares to the public. In such a case, more funds can be raised by issuing preference shares and debentures.


Liberal dividend policy
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