Part 1 Research three national, state, and local professional reading/literacy organizations that are associated with a current policy/issue affecting your school. he 3 policies affecting my school are, Access (ELL assessment this is state), DIBELS (this is a state assessment), and The Read Act, this is a national. Identify the following: 1. Agency’s mission and vision statements; 2. Resources available for professionals; 3. Benefits of membership; and How these organizations help you stay current with educational changes. Select the organization you believe would be most likely to have a positive influence on local, state, and national policies. Part 2 Contact the selected organization and arrange to conduct an interview with the appropriate person about a current policy/issue affecting your school. Develop a list of 6-8 interview questions. You are free to develop your own questions as they pertain to the particular policy/issue. The interview questions might cover such areas as: The specific reason(s) that prompted the organization to be part of/sponsor the policy How the organization sees the policy affecting the administration of the school. Based on the information from your research and interview,(you can just summarize your findings in your own words) in a 500-750 word reflection that addresses how your research has or will change your work as a reading specialist/literacy coach. Support your reflection by utilizing 3-5 professional sources. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required


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