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write a literature review from these sources in the topic :From knowledge sharing to knowledge creation “Innovation and Knowledge Creation”Gensler, E. 2008. Knowledge and knowledge systems: learning from the wonders of the mind). Hershey, PA: IGI PublicationsCamison, C., Palacios, D., Gamigos, F. and Devece, C. 2009. Connectivity and knowledge management in virtual organizations. Hershey, PA: Information Science ReferenceDavenport, T.H. 2005. Thinking for a living: how to get better performance and results from knowledge workers. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School PressHedlund G, Nonaka I. 1993. Models of knowledge management in the West and Japan. In Lorange P, Roos J (eds.) Implementing Strategic Process: Change, Learning and Cooperation. Basil Blackwell: Oxford; 117–144.Nonaka I. 1994. The dynamic theory of knowledge creation. Organizational Science. Vol, 5. No. 1. p. 14–37.Nonaka I, Takeuchi H. 1995. Knowledge-Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamic of Innovation. Oxford University Press: New York.

Requirements: 500

Literature review