Discussion 7:Magic and RitualRead the article “Baseball Magic” by George Gmelch, watch the video lecture “Rituals and Cultural Reproduction” and then answer the following questions on the discussion board. Start your thread with one of the items or aspects of weddings that you talk about in number 3. (For example, “Wedding Ring”). Ideally, this discussion board will help you prepare for your final paper by making you read the article and think about which ritual you want to focus on. 1.Choose one or two interesting rituals from “Baseball Magic.” Describe the ritual, fetishes, mana and taboos involved (if any) and discuss why Gmelch thinks they players do this. 2.Give an example of a ritual you or someone you know does. What is it, and what fetishes,mana, taboos or magic does it involve? What might an anthropologist say is the purpose of this ritual? 3.Wedding as a rite of passage: Analyze how a wedding is a rite of passage. What are the stages of separation, liminality and reaggregation? What are the fetishes, special gestures and words, taboos, etc? Why do people do these things? In your answer name at least 2 things related to a wedding, and analyze their significance and why people might do them (from an anthropological perspective). Make sure you watch the video lecture before you do this one. 4.Ask a discussion question. Use one of the following terms: fetish, cultural reproduction, ritual, mana, magic, taboo, liminal, reaggregation, separation. You want to ask a question that would last a few minutes in an on-campus class. (not just a yes/no question) It should also relate to the article, lecture or topic in a significant way.


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