Magical Realism in Advertising
Abstract of not more than 250 words and up to 5 key word
Introduction (Statement of problem/ hypothesis)
Literature Review/ Background
Discussion and Findings
These suggestions may help the writer:
Key questions
How do graphic designers achieve Magical Realism?
How to utilize Magical Realism in advertising?
What are principal discrepancies between Surrealism and Magical Realism?
What is the significance/ role of Magical Realism in the enhancement of an advertisement?
Statement of the problem:
Despite the fact that there is a large number of publications on the graphic design, there are no systematic findings on what Magical Realism is the most successful for the promotion of quality of advertising. The lack of reliable data on the Magical Realism gives birth to the problem when the communication process between the producer and customer is not visually supported.
The review:
What is Magical Realism?
Its philosophical roots
Artistic and literary explanation of Magical Realism
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Magical Realism in Advertising