Final Project – Integrating Management Functions to Advance Innovation

Learner Name Purdue Global University GM501-01: Management Theories and Practices II Dr. Carrie A. O’Hare July 15, 2019 Final Project – Integrating Management Functions to Advance Innovation Introduction In this section, identify the organization and it just needs to be a real organization. Include a brief description of the organization, a brief description of the situation and the pending decision. This should be brief (1-2 well-formed paragraphs, at most) and you should assume the person reading the assignment is familiar with the details of the case. Make sure you insert a telephone number, web site, and address for the organization. I will need to verify that it is a real organization! Problem Major Issue. Identification of the major issue facing the organization or individuals involved with the organization. WHAT is the organizational issue you will address? Use the assigned reading to help you identify the major issue. This may be a general statement, “The organization has an communication issue.” Be concise and explicit with the ONE single issue that you will be addressing. State the one issue you will be identifying! Why and How Explanations. Next, explain WHY the organization has that problem. Why does this problem exist, is it related to; impact of technology on communication, role of gender, importance of feedback, the role of noise, communication networks and more. Further, HOW are these causes related? Does one lead to the other? Demonstrate your subject mastery by being specific. This section demonstrates your ability to accurately hone in on the true issues. Remember, it is always a good idea to have three literary references to support your written assignments. Innovative Management Idea/Solution Alternate Courses of Action. Identification of alternate courses of action to address the one issue identified. This section demonstrates your ability to think critically about that one issue at hand. Do not suggest just one course of action that you utilize for your recommendations. Suggest three logical possible solutions. Best Course of Action and Why. Which of the possible alternate courses of action do you recommend as the Best and why. This will be your innovative management idea. Provide the recommendation for action, with the appropriate supporting arguments (and references). Implementation This section demonstrates your ability to apply what you are learning to a real-life situation using the four management functions. Suggest the Best Course of Action to be implemented – Give specific steps.;) Planning. The planning, organizing, leading, organizing sections to follow will detail your implementation of your recommendation to demonstrate your subject mastery of these management functions. Make sure you relate your ideas to the course textbooks!) Organizing. Leading. Controlling. Conclusion Summarize your recommendations and the benefit the organization will receive as a result. Emphasize the best recommended solution and the changes it will make. Application What lessons did you learn about innovation that you can use for your own personal/professional development? Be specific with an emphasis on action and how you will use this next week. References Daft, R. L. (2017). Management (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. DeRosa, D. M., & Lepsinger, R. (2010). Virtual team success: A practical guide for working and leading from a distance. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (Remember, I need to see four peer-reviewed articles and two of those four can be ones you already submitted. Then, I need to see at least 2 page references in the body of the paper from the DeRosa and Lepsinger textbook (DeRosa & Lepsinger, 2010, p. 23). GM501: Grading Rubric (Final Project Paper) Unit 6 Assignment: Integrating Management Functions to Advance Innovation Areas to be evaluated Points Earned Possible Points Title Page 3 Introduction : -Identify the real organization you will be addressing. 5 Introduction : – Review the organization and describe the pending action. 10 Problem: -WHAT is the problem, simply stated? 5/5 -WHY does the organization have this problem, the causes? 11/11 -HOW are these causes related? 9/9 25 Innovative Management Idea: -What are some possible solutions—more than one 5 Innovative Management Idea: – Which solution is best and why—critical thinking 5 Innovative Management Idea: -Demonstration of Planning Mastery 5 Innovative Management Idea: -Demonstration of Organizing Mastery 5 Innovative Management Idea: -Demonstration of Leading Mastery 5 Innovative Management Idea: -Demonstration of Controlling Mastery 5 Conclusion: -What take away lesson would you emphasize to your client on the power of innovation? 25 Personal/Professional Innovation – Application: -Points of personal or professional application related to innovative lessons learned and next steps 20 Reference Page: -cite at least 4 journal articles, 2 may be from previous Annotated Bibliography Assignments -cite at least 2 sources from the DeRosa & Lepsinger text -citation and reference per APA 6th edition 15 Paper Length: – Write 7 pages, double line spaced, not including the title page and reference page= 2100 words 5 Writing: -Appearance, Spelling, Grammar, Organization, and APA 6th Edition Format & Style 12 Total Points Earned 150

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