Management Support Systems

Suppose you work for an organization with six facilities in different cities across the country, and over 900 employees. Management is comprised primarily of individuals with business rather than technical backgrounds. Many projects within the company are collaborative efforts, with teams made up of employees from different functional areas and located across the various facilities. Your organization is looking for ways to improve decision making in order to achieve its strategic and operational goals. As the IT manager, you have been tasked with providing management with information on the various management support systems available. Write a report that includes the following: A brief explanation of management support systems, in general, and the broad reasons for using such a system. A comparison of the types of management support systems, including what they are, how and when they might be used, and who would use them. Include examples of companies that utilize each type of system, but do not use the examples from the text. A discussion of the costs and benefits of utilizing management support systems.

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