Learning outcome 1: D – Design

D3: to be able to Identify and manage cost drivers


Learning outcome 2: S – Economic Social and Environmental Context


S2: to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the management techniques which may be used to achieve engineering objectives within that context

S2m: knowledge and understanding of management and business practices, and their limitations, and how these may be applied appropriately to strategic and tactical issues

S4: to demonstrate the awareness of the framework of relevant legal requirements governing engineering activities, including personnel, health, safety, and risk (including environmental risk) issues.



Learning outcome 3:


P – Engineering Practice


P3: Understanding of contexts in which engineering knowledge can be applied (e.g. operations and management, technology, and development)

P5: to demonstrate the awareness of the nature of intellectual property and contractual issues Marking Criteria For Assignment:

To pass this component it is necessary to produce (using IT skills) a written report consisting of:


  1. 1500 words, double spaced word processed


  1. thorough investigation of issues in compliance with the Assignment brief.


The above report should include references presented in appropriate format discussed in the student’s handbook.



In order to achieve an highest grade a student’s report should include an extensive analysis/discussion, demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the facts and ideas involved with the use of appropriate references to substantiate points made.



Assignment Requirements


You are required to


  1. Select a project of your own choice, and;
  2. Prepare a project definition document for the project you have selected, and;
  • Write a report of no more than 1500 words presenting your project definition document in the format required by this assignment, outlined below.


Students can also search appropriate engineering journals to obtain ideas that could help them in developing new suitable projects.



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management techniques which may be used to achieve engineering objectives
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