During the following five weeks, we will cover two chapters per week. This course requires a substantial amount of reading and computing activities. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to plan your time accordingly to complete the weekly course activities in a timely manner. To that end, you are required to complete three activities per chapter. That means you are required to complete six course activities per week. There are two types of tests (pre and post tests) that you are required to complete every week. First attempts for the pre-tests are due on Wednesday of that week, whereas, first attempt for post-tests are due on Friday of that week. Once you complete the first attempts as required, you will have unlimited attempts before Sunday of that week. Please try to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your overall grade. All pre and post tests will not be carried forward to the next week therefore, it’s unto the student to plan and complete these assignments by Sunday of each week. In addition to the pre and post tests, you are required to complete a homework assignment every week. This assignment due on Sunday of every week. Unlike, the pre and post tests, you this assignment will be carried forward to next week unto three days subject to a 10% per day late penalty.

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