Managing Technology Innovation 

Week #3 Discussion #8 – Week#3 – What Popsicle Headache! Healthcare is a massive market with trillions of dollars in play. Christensen talks about the changes that are underway in selected markets that should be considered across the board. Why has there not been more adoption of moving toward a well system from a sick system? What needs to change to drive innovation in this sector? #9 – Week #3 – NAVigating the Market The NAV case offers a unique view into how the complex culture that is the armed forces can sometimes impact the ability to innovate. Springer clearly had an idea that resonated with his colleagues. It was a practical solution that worked, yet the establishment would not embrace the idea? What could have been changed to make it easier for an innovation like Springer’s app to be adopted and supported? #10 – Week #3 – Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard! Christensen posits that one significant change that could result in a sea change in the healthcare industry is adjusting how care givers and institutions manage what and how they deliver care. In essence, he is suggesting a hard look at a re-segmentation of the market to drive a re-distribution of resources. What do you think of his recommendations? Can you provide examples of how this strategy has worked in other industries? #11 – Week #3 – Spyce It Up! Just went here … check out the video and vote on whether you believe their is innovation going on here …


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