Mathematical addition strategies for first graders

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Annotated Resource Collection This assignment you will make a collection of practical resources that are reflective of the mathematics concept/process. Your resource collection should include a range of forms such as webpages, educator blogs, books, programs, youtube videos, images, and photographs, and at least 10 different resources. For each resource, provide a description of the resource (~ 1 paragraph), and on how it supports children’s learning of the mathematics concept/process. (~ 1 paragraph). Please include a link to the resource. Please let me know which format you will be using. Below I have attached 6 resources that I found and woul like to use for this assingment. If you can find 4 more are I need 10 in total. 1. Youtube Video – Addition strategies for first graders – 2. Math Game for Gr1. – 3. Book – The Mission of Addition – By Brian Cleary 4. Book – Domino Addition – By Lynette Long 5. Educators blog/game – “Build it” game which teaches addition by using cubes – 6. Teachers Blog –

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