Module 2.6 pH is a measure of the acidity of a solution.

Answer the following questions as you read the module:

1. A solution where water is the solvent is called a(n) solution.

2. Label the diagram with the following terms: hydroxide ion and hydrogen ion.

3. What are two negative effects of too much acid in nature?

4. Complete the pH scale with the following terms/phrases: greater H+, lower H+, H+ = OH−.

5. As the pH increases the [ H+ ] ____, and as the pH decreases the [ H+ ] ____.

A) decreases; increases

B) increases; decreases

C) increases; stays the same

D) decreases; stays the same

6. Complete the following table regarding acids and bases.

Acids Bases

Effect on H+ when dissolved in H2O

pH range


measure of the acidity of a solution.
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