* This is a response essay for a play called MEDEA BY Euripides. * I will upload all the instructions and the format. * you will have to use terms in that essay, and I will upload all the terms as well. you will use at LEAST 5 TERMS and make sure to UNDERLINE all the terms that you used. * Please, DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE. I will upload to you the sources that you have to use. and make sure that you do the work cited page in MLA format * please, cite all the source that you will use and PLEASE, Do make sure you include the citations in text ( the teacher needs to see them in the essay and in the work cited) I will upload the script of the play and a video of it. * YOU WILL ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAT IN THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT I WILL UPLOAD IT. * PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS. MY TEACHER IS SO PICKY. * This play was written by Euripides and staged for the first time in 431 B.C.E. Although this play was written long ago and takes place in Ancient Greece, the action, plot, and themes transcends time and relates to people today. It is still produced today throughout the world. It has been staged and interpreted in numerous contexts and formats including play, musical, opera, film and ballet. Medea is a story of a beautiful and powerful woman who becomes filled with rage when her husband leaves her. As you study the play Medea by Euripides, you will: Focus your thoughts and understanding by summarizing the play’s action (what happens in the play). Discover the theme and meaning of the play as you reflect on the play. Relate the theme and meaning to current culture and values. Identify the genre of the play and how it relates to popular culture. Identify the characters. Who are the characters? How do they function in and contribute to the plot? Analyze the characters. What are their goals? Recognize the relevance of the play and characters.


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