I have attached here assignment requirement along with Rubric. it can be done in power point project. please read all requirement. 

Remember your project should include the following:

  • A “criminal      minds” individual will be your “patient” from the list below for your      project.
  • A brief      history of the patient including diagnoses (documented or your thoughts if      no diagnosis is recorded) and medications (if not applicable, write about      which mediations you think would be appropriate). Not a lot of gory      details about their crimes.
  • Any      substance abuse, addiction or violence issues surrounding this mental      health problem. Describe the attempted interventions that have been made      for your patient, and identify what has been successful and what has not. (If      not enough interventions were found, please write about what interventions      you think would have been appropriate)
  • Think about      interventions that may have been helpful. Include sources for      evidence-based practice. What might have made the difference between functional      mental illness to the progression to criminal behavior.
  • Include 3      relevant Nursing Diagnoses for your patient along with 3 outcomes (should      be measurable!) and 3 appropriate interventions for each diagnosis.
  • How will you      evaluate effectiveness? Include an evaluation tool or rubric. – Most      nursing diagnosis books include tools you can use. 
  • Include      everything listed on the rubric!
  • The paper      should use APA formatting and be at least 3 pages in length
  • Grammarly      Plagiarism Report to be turned in with submission, should be <10%      plagiarism 

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Mental Health Nursing
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