**Must include In text citations throughout out the paper

Topic: How IT globalization is helping the economy of backward Nations to increase. Challenges faced in the process of developing the concept of globalization in these backward nations. What role is IT playing to help the companies to emerge globally and in this process how it is helping the economy of the backward countries to grow.

Research questions

Research Methods and Design: Elaborate on the chosen research design, procedures, methodologies, how data is collected? Using existing survey or developing own survey?(Include the survey questions) – Quantitative.

Population/ scope:  The population, estimated size, and relevant characteristics with appropriate support. Depending on the study design 

Sample: Identify the sampling method and explain a selection of participants or relevant sample (Quantitative)

Materials/Instruments: In this section, include a description of data sources  

Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis:  Describe the steps that will be taken to carry out the study  

Assumptions, Limitations, Challenges.


References: **Atleast 40 peer reviewed references only (citations are mandatory throughout the paper) APA 7

Methodologies And Design, Sampling, Research Questions, Data Collection