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Task Overview:

Write a report of approximately 1,500 words on the following topic:

“A Decade (2006-2016) of Population Growth in Australia, the Major Contributing Factors to the Population Growth and the Subsequent Changes in Business Environments”


It is expected that you will refer to statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), other reliable data sources and research literature, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, government reports, or authoritative commercial publications. It is expected that you should cite at least 8 different references. The population trends and key components of population growth in this period should be discussed and the factors affecting those changes should also be elaborated with supporting evidence. Finally, the demographic impacts on the business environments in Australia should be extensively discussed. For example, you could focus on the changing age structure of the population, changes in international migration intakes, shifting geographic distribution of the population, or generational changes in consumer behaviours, or changing household composition etc on changes in business environments in Australia. You should consider using appropriate demographic indicators and data in the report and apply demographic theories when necessary.

Requirements: 1500


MGMT2016 Business Demographic
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