What you wear has been proven to have a direct impact on enhancing your intelligence. The “Stroop Test” showed that people who wore lab jackets performed better on mental performance tests than those in the control group who did not wear the lab coat. There is power in a uniform. Embrace how important it is to dress for the professional role you play. For one, how you dress makes a direct statement to you about who you are and what your success-potential is. When you dress for you role, you perform for your role. Secondly, how you dress has an immediate impact on how others perceive you and your intellectual capacity. The more you dress for the occasion, the more valuable you will feel and the more seriously you will be taken. The brain responds not to just to knowledge but also to mood. When you dress better you feel better. The more you elevate your mood, the more open, flexible and intelligent you feel and are experienced by others when negotiating, interacting with colleagues or when presenting yourself to a group of people.

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