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Prompt #1: The Revolutionary War

This prompt is meant to help you think more deeply about who benefited from the Revolutionary War. It asks you to focus in on one particular group in your explorations and to look at the primary sources related to that group.

  • Review the…* Focus most on the primary sources made available to you.
  • Write a 500 to 750 word essay that responds to the following:
    1. Select one of the following groups:
      • African Americans,
      • women,
      • poor white men,
      • non-Protestants.
    2. Use the primary sources to discuss the various ways in which the American Revolution affected the lives of the individuals within that group. On balance, did the group benefit from the American Revolution?
    Requirements for all essays
    • Essay provide an analysis, not simply a description, of the primary sources written about.
    • Essays must use at least three primary sources from the sources provided.
    • Essay must be written on one of the two prompts and sets of sources listed.
    • No resources outside class materials should be used to write this essay.
    • Essay Assignments must be double-spaced in Times Roman 12 point font.
    • Essay Assignments must be between 500-750 words long. NOTE: QUOTATIONS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD THE WORD COUNT.
    • Essay Assignments must NOT have extra lines between paragraphs.
    • Essay Assignments must have one-inch margins on all sides.
    • Essay Assignments must include the student’s name, course number, and date , Professor’s Name, and Word Count in the upper left hand corner of the first page of the essay. See Sample essay.
    • In the Essay Assignments, students must cite all ideas, quotations, paraphrases and summaries that are not the student’s original thoughts. Failure cite sources constitutes plagiarism and may result in a zero (0) or in disciplinary action depending on the circumstances.
    • Essay should be proofread. Errors in spelling, grammar, and style matter.
    • Students must use footnotes for their citations.
    • Essay Assignments must have a Works Cited Page.
    • Essay Assignments must be the student’s original work and must be original for this class. Submitting someone else’s work as the one’s own work constitutes plagiarism and may result in a zero (0) or in disciplinary action depending on the circumstances.

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