MIS 1305 – Research Assignment

Computer Security Versus Privacy



The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their critical and creative thinking skills by conducting research to further learn about current issues in information system and their impact on the society at large.


Complete tasks 1-5 as stated below. For this assignment, you will be required to conduct research and report your findings in a written paper (see below for Report Specifications). You will be graded on the depth and breadth of the research, contents of the paper, how well the paper meets the listed requirements for the assignment, spelling, and grammar. By completing this assignment, you should become more familiar with the current issues of IT and relate them to a real world situation. See attached for additional information.

Task 1 – Research:

First, visit https://www.computerweekly.com/opinion/The-greatest-contest-ever-privacy-versus-security and read “The greatest contest ever – privacy versus security” article on computer security versus privacy to gain an understanding of the topic. Next, conduct a brief research on the “Computer Security Versus Privacy” topic referencing current events as they relate to the topic. Then, analyze the information with respect to different perspectives, theories, or solutions. Finally, present and describe your opinion on the topic.

Below is a list of topics you need to address in your paper:

  • Define computer security and privacy, discuss a specific aspect of computer security and privacy, and state your thesis.
  • How is computer security understood? What methodology is implemented? How is data collected? Who collects the data? What limitations exist with computer security and what are the implications?
  • How is privacy understood? What methodology is implemented? How is data secured? Who uses the data and for what purpose?
  • Present in-depth information regarding existing knowledge and/or research on computer security and privacy. What are the various viewpoints and ideas regarding computer security and privacy?
  • Based on existing literature and data, what insightful trends can you identify that relate to your thesis?
  • What conclusions can you draw from your findings?

Task 2 – Report specifications:

Write a report to document your research findings with the following report specifications. Save your work in a Word file with your lastname-firstname as the file name (e.g., smith-jane). See attached for a sample report and the rubric that will be used to grade this assignment.

Use Word to generate a report with the following specifications:

  • The report body should be a maximum of two double-spaced pages (not including the cover page, table of contents, bibliography page, and appendices).
  • Use Arial font size 12 with 1” for all margins.
  • Not including your textbook, use at least three different and recent references (less than 3 years old), and use citation to credit sources of information (see below)
  • Cover page: The report should have a cover page that includes your name, course name and CRN, and date.
  • Table of Contents (TOC): The report should have a table of contents showing page numbers for the rest of the report.
  • Introduction. The report should start with an introduction section that introduces the research topics.
  • Report Body: The body of report should contain compilation of the research findings, analysis of the information, and explanation of the suggested solutions.
  • Conclusion: The report should end with a conclusion section that summarizes the research findings.
  • References: The report should have a reference page that lists all citations and sources (see below).
  • Appendices: You may include any diagram, chart, or picture that is associated with the research. Appendices are not required, but may be included to support your findings. Be sure to use citation to credit sources.



  • Do not use or include any Wikipedia resource as a reference.
  • Do not use books for resources as a reference.
  • When using websites, each web page on a single website is a part of the same reference.
  • Make sure you have at least 3 references that are less than 3 years old.


  • Utilize APA formatting for citations. Use a tool such aswww.citationmachine.net to assist you with correctly reference formatting. In addition, you may want to use a pdf document with more information at APA Citation Style (PDF), and/or watch a video on creating a document at How to Format a Letter in APA Style (Video).
  • You should make the citation, copy it, and then paste each of the references into the reference section on a separate page after the letter, in alphabetical order. Label this

section as References. For more information on formatting for APA style, access information at the following site: http://library.uhd.edu/apa

Task 3: Proofread your work:

Either (1) create a Grammarly account (www.grammarly.com) and check your report to make sure it is grammatically correct, or, (2) contact the tutors in the Writing & Reading Center – Writing Lab to have someone review your work so that you can make corrections (https://www.uhd.edu/academics/writing-center/Pages/writing-center-index.aspx). Also see below for Fundamental Writing Errors.

Task 4: Check your paper for originality:

Turnitin has a tool to check for plagiarism: Originality/Similarity Reports. Submit your paper to the BB/Assignments/General Turnitin Revision to check for originality/similarities and plagiarism problems and refine your work accordingly. Keep in mind that you may submit your paper to the General Turnitin Revision link as many times as you wish, and that papers submitted to the General Turnitin Revision link will NOT be graded.

Task 5: Submit Research Assignment for Grading:

Once you finalize your paper, by due date and time, submit your finalized report to BB/Assignments/Research Assignment Final Submission Turnitin.

Research Assignment Grade:

This assignment is worth 100 points.

Fundamental Writing Errors

Effective written communication begins with the elimination of certain types of writing errors. These fundamental writing errors not only detract from the writer’s message but may also cause the reader to stop reading. As a business major, you are expected to avoid fundamental writing errors.

The fundamental writing errors are:

  • Misspelled words
  • Run-on/fragment sentences
  • Capitalization errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Agreement errors
  • Inaccurate or misuse of words
    1. Use the software provided tools, such as spell check and grammar check. These tools will not catch everything but they will catch many errors.
    2. Proofread your written document. No one writes a perfect first draft. The best writers proofread and edit.
    3. Use a dictionary. Check the definition to determine if you are using a word correctly. Also use it to check your spelling. If your spelling of a word does not appear in the dictionary, then you know you have misspelled the word.
    4. Use a thesaurus. A thesaurus contains synonyms to help you evaluate whether a word choice you have made could be replaced with another that may more closely reflect your intent.
    5. Usewww.grammarbook.com. This free online resource provides basic rules.
    6. you have a weakness in your writing, then use the COB Writing Tutor Lab.

There are several steps you can take to eliminate these types of errors. Each of these steps is a best practice which you want to incorporate into academic and business life.

UHD Writing & Reading Center (WRC)

The UHD Writing & Reading Center (WRC) is able to assist with any type of personal or academic writing, including but not limited to essays, creative writing, lab reports, scholarship letters, resumes, and cover letters. As a student, you can use the UHD Writing and Reading Center (WRC) any time. You do not have to be referred to the WRC to use it.

For resources and hours see https://www.uhd.edu/academics/university-college/writing-center/Pages/writing-center-index.aspx.

COB Writing Tutor Lab

As a student, you can use the COB Writing Tutor Lab any time. You do not have to be referred to the lab to use it.

The COB Writing Tutor Lab appears as a course when you login into Blackboard Learn. Click on the link.

The following types of help are available through the COB Writing Tutor Lab:

  1. Make an appointment with the MDCOB Writing Tutor staff, a professional writing tutor. They can meet you online or in person.
  2. Watch videos explaining best writing practices and grammar. You can view these on your own. If you have questions, you can contact one of the MDCOB Writing Tutor staff for help.
  3. Read documents covering rules of grammar and other topics on improving your writing skills.

Contact one of the MDCOB writing Tutor Lab staff via email within 24 hours to make an appointment. They will NOT write your paper but they will help you learn how to write. Also see https://www.uhd.edu/academics/business/centers-institutes/writing/Pages/About.aspx.

MIS 1305 – Research Assignmen