Select one (1) MNC that does not currently do business in China. Next, consider the steps that the company should consider in determining the feasibility of entering the Chinese market and establishing a market for its products or services there. In addition to your own research, use the following links to conduct a country risk assessment (CRA) on China: Bureau of Economic Analysis: Transparency International Corruptions Perceptions Index: Ranking of Economies-World Bank: IMF Home Page: Country Risk Classification-OECD: World Trade Organization Home Page: “Industry Analysis: Recreation” article: Focus on the following areas: corruption, political stability, exchange rate stability, regulatory oversight, freedom of the press, and rule of law. Research other factors that you believe you should evaluate. Additionally, consider the importance of culture in evaluating risk. Then, go to the Hofstede Center’s Country Comparison cultural tool, located at Compare China to the U.S. on Hofstede’s six (6) key cultural dimensions scale by selecting “United States” from the “Comparison Country” drop-down menu

Hi. I talked to the Professor and he said you can skip that broken link which is The other links I mean 6 of them are gonna be good enough.


MNC entering China
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