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Presentation duration will be around 10 minutes and will talk about a problem affecting Saudi Arabia and propose solutions to the problem. such as, hot weather or anything else.
I need some notes to help to for the presentation.
i’ve never done a presentation before 🙁

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ORAL PRESENTATION RUBRIC Content/ Preparedness 1 points Shows a full understanding of the topic. Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed. 0.5 point Shows a good understanding of the topic/ parts of the topic. Student seems prepared but might have needed a couple more rehearsals. 0 Does not seem to understand the topic very well. The student is somewhat prepared/ not well prepared. Speech Structure Visuals 1 points Speech is well structured. There is an introduction with a thesis statement, a body which organizes points in some logical fashion for a specific topic, and a conclusion that reinforce the thesis/ main idea. Transitions are used. 1 points Includes visual props such as slides, photos, etc. which are helpful to the audience while not distracting. 0.5 point Speech is structured but there are some issues with an
MNSU The Oil Problem in Saudi Arabia PPT