4. Train your brain.

There are numerous easy-to-get-ahold-of techniques to keep your mind sharp. There are many word puzzle apps and other apps like Luminosity that are free on your smartphone that provide games and problem-solving techniques designed to increase the neuroplasticity of your brain. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new neural connections enabling you to function at a higher level. The more neuroplasticity your brain has the faster it makes new connections and the quicker and more effectively you process information. Achieving great success comes down to decision-making, and yet so few train their brain for this on a daily basis.

5. Consistently learn.

There is always something to still learn. Never be above education. Be passionate for acquiring and developing new skills and information. To become a successful Entrepreneur, you must always be searching for what is new and what is not yet fully understood on the cutting edges of your industry. When you continue your education, it is humbling to grasp how much there still is to know. The more you learn the more prepared you become for excellent strategizing. The more knowledge you acquire the more information you have available to you when making critical decisions. Learning is what grows your confidence. It is what increases your skill base and adds to your talent. It is also what allows you to work smarter not just harder. Always assume there is more you need to learn and you will experience a direct and obvious increase in your ability to achieve.


model human intellectual capacity,
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