Question descriptionNow it’s time to submit your final project. The final project should include a cover page and your three (3) references with your topic at the top of the page of citations. Each reference will have a paragraph summarizing the content of that source.

note from instructor:

There are a few small issues which I marked for you, and there there are a few really big ones. First, your summary is way too long. Please look at slide 5 and 6 of the power point I am sending you. Also the sample APA paper. While I did not mark every mistake I marked enough that you should be able to figure out what I mean. If not contact me before you turn in the final project.


j100 week 4.pptxSampleAPAPaper_08072013.pdf

instructor marked these as corrections needed:

Page 1

Lawrence Steele

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

Criminal Justic

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

All the stuff I crossed out goes in the Author’s note. I do not require it, but the school does. Please see the example paper I am sending you.

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

March 2, 2017

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

Page 2

Parents’ Primary Professional Sources of Parenting Advice Moderate Predictors of Parental Attitudes toward Corporal Punishment.

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

Only the first word, proper nouns or the first word after a colon in the title are capitalized. (Apply this correction throughout your paper).

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

Lower case d in “doi”.

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

There is not information about the author(s).

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

Page 3


Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

ild protective services

Lawrence Steele – 3 days ago

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