The first link will let you listen to a National Public Radio (NPR) story from 2006 on the debate over “Morgellons disease,” a condition which is considered a ‘contested illness.’ (Once you go to the website, click on the blue “Play” button at the top left side of the page to load the audio player. You may need to make sure that pop-ups are not blocked on your web browser.) Click here to access the NPR story: ** The second link brings you to a more recent Newsweek story on the status of Morgellons as of 2016. Click here to access this article from Newsweek: Assignment: For this project, write an essay (about two pages long, double-spaced) in which you summarize the debate about “Morgellons disease” that’s presented in the NPR audio clip. As part of your essay, you will need to answer each of the three questions below. Chapter 5 of your Weitz textbook will be helpful to you in answering them. a) Why is “Morgellons disease” an example of a “contested illness”? b) How have people tried to “medicalize” this condition? c) Why has “Morgellons disease” not been medicalized? (Hint: There’s more to it than saying that the CDC didn’t find evidence that the disease exists.)

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