Prompt: choose a type of music that you find intriguing (the quizzes are full of clips for you to listen to) and situate it within the history of music, including not only formal elements but also social elements. If you choose relatively early music, is it religious or secular? (If the latter, what position did secular music have in society?) If you choose something contemporary (rock, country, rap, ambient, dub, etc.) you should discuss this as part of an implied musical “conversation” between artists about what this art should be. Submit a performance, along with a 1000 word + essay on the work’s importance to thehistory of music/theater, as always with commentary on its humanistic aspects. Mozart and the musical tradition he came out of and what was unique about him, what he wrote and what he did with his music (and his music’s impact on subsequent generations). you can also include material on the social aspects of his musical production (e.g. sponsorship by/dependence on royal courts), and how that compares with how others made a living doing music in the past.


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