Myth and Dreams
Objective: To understand two classic psychological theories, make clear connections to the elements of myth, explore your own subconscious/unconscious life and produce an original work of art. Keep Joseph Campbell’s quote in mind when working on this assignment: “Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths.” Instructions: All required parts below should be incorporated into one paper of at least 750 words total. Paper 50 points Creative Project 50 points Total 100 points Preparation: Start thinking about your own subconscious/unconscious life. For a total of 5 to 7 days (or more if there is time), record on paper or with a voice recorder, the dreams you remember most (you do not have to turn in this part). If you have difficulty remembering your current dreams, you can recall dreams from your past or even day dreams. This article discusses a few methods (Links to an external site.) for dream recall. REQUIRED – Read the material in this module on Myth and Dreams, the Unconscious, and Archetypes. Once that is completed, you are then ready to start your reflection paper by intelligently commenting on the connections made between psychology, the unconscious and mythology. More specifically, describe in your own words, how you understand the Freudian and Jungian concepts, models of the psyche and the connection to mythology? In two to three paragraphs, introduce the topic, summarize what you learned, reflect/react to what you learned from your own perspective. REQUIRED – In two to three paragraphs and without getting too personal: decide on what are the most interesting, memorable and/or meaningful aspects of your dream(s). On the other hand, which images are the most confusing and undecipherable? You can also include a brief interpretation of your dreams. Try also to focus on any archetypal characters, metaphor, symbolism and meaning in your dream. Finally, explain whether or not you think the human unconscious is synonymous with the mythic imagination and plays a part in myth-making. REQUIRED Creative Project – Become an Artist and create something in your own unique way. For example, you can use the Surrealist (Links to an external site.) style (Think Salvador Dali (Links to an external site.) or Remedios (Links to an external site.)Varo (Links to an external site.)) or just come up with your own style! You can draw or paint an image, use photography, video, write poetry, make a collage, etc. using your subconscious/unconscious as inspiration. Insert your work into your paper. Please also include an explanation of your artwork. You can use Freud/Jung as an interpretation guide or this website: Dream Moods


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