This week for our discussion assignment, we have a video series that deals with a bit of a Cornucopia of economic ideas. These are common “economic myths”. After you read, listen, or watch all of the assigned material, you will create a Main post that consists of your own individual Economic Analysis of the material. This should be written in the third person view and must include in-text citations for any claims, assertions, or facts that you include in your post. Your first post should be an economic analysis of the material for the week. Use the economics you have learned in the class to complete a first main post. Your first main post should be about 3-500 words. This is a rough guide. Write quality work over quantity. Please watch the YouTube Playlist from Learn Liberty : “Mythbusters” , ( After you have completed watching all of the videos, please create a main post answering this central question: “What are the 2 greatest economic myths in your view? Why have those myths perpetuated, and what is the reality?” And the textbook website is we studied chapter 8,9,11


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