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Your text points out that “It is a long-established finding that women are paid considerably less than men for similar work” (Levy, 2017, p. 93). At first glance, this seems like a clear example of discrimination. However, some argue that, upon closer examination, the topic is complex and not so straight-forward.

Review the section in your text on comparable worth and watch these videos:

After reviewing the material and watching the videos, write a thoughtful discussion post (at least 300 words) addressing the following:

  • Describe the differing perspectives on this topic. Why do you think people differ in their interpretation of the issue of the wage gap?
  • What do you think? Be specific and thorough. Discuss how and why you agree or disagree with the perspectives presented. Use specific evidence to support your position and remember to cite your sources.


Return to this discussion activity throughout the module week and reply with meaningful comments to a minimum of two of your colleagues.

Requirements: .doc file

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Myth or Reality? Equal Pay and the Wage Gap
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