10) In general, biomes at higher latitudes are most like:

A) biomes at higher altitudes

B) aquatic biomes

C) biomes at lower altitudes

D) biomes at lower latitudes

11) Biomes with more than 75 centimeters (30 inches) of rain a year and that never experience

freezing temperatures are most likely found:

A) at high altitudes

B) nearest the equator at low altitudes

C) at high altitudes in temperate zones

D) at high altitudes and high latitudes

12) Biomes with permafrost are most likely:

A) covered in coniferous forests at high latitudes

B) in temperate zones with deciduous trees

C) located near the poles and without any trees

D) located at high altitudes nearest the equator

13) Biomes with less than 25 centimeters (10 inches) of rain a year are:

A) high in primary productivity

B) likely to have extremely cold winters

C) covered with coniferous trees

D) deserts

14) Which of the following are current limiting factors for future human population growth?

A) pollution and land for agriculture

B) availability of oxygen and water

C) fossil fuels and carbon dioxide production

D) oxygen levels in the atmosphere and availability of sodium chloride


natural resources
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