NCAA Bylaw 13: Recruiting Please respond to the powerpoint presentation that is attached and respond to the questions as well. Question 1: Do you think the NCAA’s legislation hinders the potential student-athlete’s ability to truly evaluate whether it’s the right school? Question 2: How has social media changed the recruiting process, specifically how recruits are contacted by coaches and their commitments to universities? One of the biggest topics over the past few years in NCAA compliance has been deregulating legislation that has proven overly burdensome to monitor and difficult to enforce. Last April, the NCAA Division I Council deregulated electronic communication in football, cross country, track and field and swimming and diving. This essentially permits these sports (and others that had already deregulate electronic communication) to communicate with prospective student-athletes through text messages and other forms of social media. Please provide positives and negatives for this change from the perspective of the following parties: Coaches Compliance Officers Prospective Student-Athletes Parents of PSAs USA Today (April 8, 2016). NCAA opens door for unlimited texting between recruits, football coaches. Retrieved on November 4, 2016 from

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