Respond to each prompt then respond to a peer. Each response should be 200 words followed by a 200 word response to a peer. APA formant. Use at least 1 reference for each response. The last two are just peer responses. 

Click on the Period 4: Dialogue link above, find your group, and write two posts to the following topic:

Assignment 1:

4A – The assigned reading for this period is eclectic covering labor relations, discipline, and safety. For this period’s forum post to the group an initial message that presents the reasons, in your supported opinion, why businesses ended up with labor relations and union problems and safety concerns. This is not meant to ‘just’ point the finger at business but look back over the course of history and ask yourself what led to the problems. Then think about how a Biblical worldview might have changed, or not changed, the attitudes and principles at work and would the business workplace be different today if we developed the business understanding on scripture.  Post one reply to one other student either adding to his/her thoughts or politely challenging his/her thoughts by Sunday of the first week. Please use academic references and APA formatting. 

NEED BY 7PM TODAY 4 (Discussion Post For A Human Resources Class)