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1) Watch the film “The Flying Gardeners.” Do you think this is what buildings will look like in the future, or is this only the first step? What could we improve in order to achieve green cities? (response: one paragraph)

https://vimeo.com/142000408 (Links to an external site.)

2) Watch the virtual tour and read the Guardian article on Masdar City. What do we learn about the goals of the city? What might be the downsides or difficulties a city built from scratch could face? Do you think it is better to start anew, or to adjust our existing cities, or do we need both approaches? (Response: half a page A4)

https://www.nytimes.com/video/multimedia/1194817114256/a-virtual-tour-of-masdar-city.html (Links to an external site.)


3) look up regional / traditional / vernacular architecture in a region / country you have lived in (Argentina), and try to learn more about the context and the materiality of this architecture and whether or not it is still in use. This can be old farm houses, medieval urban structures, floating architecture, etc. The text should be about half a page, and I would ask you to include at least one image.

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