The topic is the Negative effects of Social Media on teens. This is the Argument research paper In the research paper, I need 8 sources with the work cited page. I have 7 sources just you have to find 5 sources, at the end I’ll put links for 7 sources. Make sure 5 sources talk about different angels and in 5 sources 2 or 3 sources must talks about good things about Social Media. This research paper needs Supply clear and explicit thesis within the first two paragraphs Appeal appropriately and effectively to logic, emotion, and credibility Respond to the larger conversation surrounding your issue Address multiple points of view effectively with fairness and limited bias Analyze and discuss your issue using systems thinking and the lens of sustainability Support claims with good reasons and base those reasons on relevant evidence, whether anecdotal, personal experience, statistical, or fact-based Explain and clarify claims and evidence using metacommentary Organize information clearly and logically and use appropriate transitions Incorporate relevant quotes and paraphrases smoothly by sandwiching them Document sources using a consistent documentation style that is clear and easy to follow Supply works cited page listing at least 12 sources. Here are 7 sources links. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

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