Title page—include the title of your proposal, your name, and the date. Proposal summary—one to three sentences describing the most important information contained in the proposal. Description—one or more paragraphs detailing the following information: The identified problem that will be resolved with the tutorial and any relevant background information; The specific audience who will likely access and use the proposed tutorial; A summary of the content of the tutorial, especially the content that will make your tutorial unique; The benefits the proposal audience will see by accepting your proposed tutorial idea. Qualifications—your bio that provides information about your experiences and knowledge that makes you a good candidate for creating the proposed tutorial; this should be in paragraph format, not a list or resume. Opposition – in a paragraph, identify any likely opposition that your audience of potential investors may have to your idea and offer strategies to address that opposition and to assuage those concerns. Conclusion—in a few sentences, wrap up the proposal in a way that reinforces why the audience should invest in your idea.

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