1 From the case study Principle #7: In the end, it will be the results that matter most.

Identify the operational improvements that are most urgently needed.  The idea is not to minimize the importance of intangible factors, as they are vital to the long-term success of the organization. Emphasize the factors that lead to the bottom line or that contribute directly to competitive positioning. For commitment, trust, loyalty, and morale are inextricably linked to team performance and accomplishment. Both the tangibles and intangibles are needed to achieve strategic health. The teams need to understand their responsibilities, state their performance goals, keep monitoring the goals, and providing necessary course corrections (Huszczo, 1996).  As noted by Waldman et al, (2003), “focusing on system outputs, not interim outputs of component elements has implications for healthcare” (p. 8). Understand the systemic impact of the corporate culture and it relationship to multiple factors such as patient care, physician satisfaction, and employee engagement.  As this hospital knows occurs when the patient is foremost in their hearts and minds, that is when healthcare an become a business first and foremost too.

What were the key metrics regarding the business related outcomes results from the trends that were achieved during this team development intervention? Must use the case data to answer. 

2 Now it is your turn  to design the next Advance for Rose, first search HCA Rose Medical Center, Denver CO website to read current awards, accomplishments, issues, press releases and  then reflect upon the case study. What team training do you suggest at this time, be specific, be precise, cite your ideas as needed, and tell me why .


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Nursing Casestudy
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