Find a dietary assessment tool that can be used either generally or for a specific alteration in


When you have found your assessment tool, answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of this tool?

Do you believe that the purpose is fulfilled based on the questions being asked? Why?

In what ways does the tool account for the individual perceptions and needs of the


Is there a nutritional history included? What does it cover?

Is the tool easy to use? Why or why not?

Does the tool provide enough information to determine the next steps or interventions?


in this mid-course entry into your Nurse E-Portfolio for this course, you continue to have

opportunities for reflective practice. In this entry, you deepen your understanding and awareness of

nutrition. Make sure you spend some time thinking about the answers to these questions before


In the first entry, you were asked to give yourself a rating from 1 to 5, with 5 representing the

healthiest eater. What number would you give yourself now? 4/5

Did your rating change? If so, in what direction and in what way? What adjustments to your

diet, if any, did you make?

Are your eating patterns based on family traditions or cultural or religious reasons? If so, do

these support or promote healthy eating?

What two important nutritional principles or concepts have you learned and will always

remember? What is their impact on your delivery of quality safe nursing care?

Nutrition APA Format