Description: In order to broader all students’ familiarity and understanding of community resources available to support LGBTQ youth, students will introduce their peers to an organization or online resource relevant to LGBTQ youth through an in-class presentation. Requirements: Students should identify an organization (that has a website) or an online resource that is focused on supporting LGBTQ youth in some way (this can be through a focus on youth themselves, or on parents/caretakers, educators, or youth service providers). Each student is to give a 5-6 minute presentation to the class about this organization or resource. The presentation includes a brief overview of the organization/online resource, including its mission, resources/services, and target audience. It should also an include an explanation of why you chose this resource, and an assessment of the resource through an intersectional lens – for example, consider the language, the images, and the content – what do you notice about who is and who isn’t. Students are also invited to offer their perspective on the site and the knowledge they gained from investigating this organization/resource. Please note: the only research you need to do for this assignment is reviewing the organizational/resource website. Students should utilize the computer/projector in class to display the website as part of their presentation.

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