This is the first stage in the dissertation research project. A 10 point strategic outline needs to be completed and approved along with a concept paper. The strategic outline is a standalone outline separate from the concept paper. Do a qualitative study for this project.

the references for the 10 page concept paper should be no less than 12 to 15 references, 50 was too much. Also, references must be relevant to subject area within the last 5 years. Define Organizational Culture Theory, (Schein is the founding father, it’s ok to use his theory although not within 5 years) also define, what is diversity and what is inclusion. How does the paradigm shift of diversity and inclusion affect the organizational cultural of the military. A lot of policy change regarding Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, Religion, Ethnic Hair Care Standards, etc over the last few years………….

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Organizational Culture: Understanding how diversity is shifting the military culture to become more inclusive
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