The first part is Parable of the sower:2024
1. How would you describe the world Lauren and her family inhabit?
2. What is Lauren�s hyperempathy and how is it a liability in this world? What is her father�s attitude toward her hyperempathy? Do you see any parallels in the real world?
3. Why is important for Lauren�s father to maintain his faith in this world? Why is it important for Lauren to abandon her father�s faith and create a new one? What is the essence of the new faith she is building?
The second part is chaper 4-6 of the parable of the sower.
1.Reflect on the poem that opens Chap. 4, how does it connect with the chapter? (For instance, does it connect with the father’s reliance on guns rather than faith?)
2. What parallels can you draw between Lauren and her invented religion and Richard Moss and his? What do these made up religions say about the nature of religious faith? What do they say about the nature of the world in 2025?
3. How is the poem that begins Chap. 5 a commentary on Lauren’s father’s faith?
4. What environmental causes of the societal collapse does Chap. 5 allude to?
5. What do you think the death of Amy means for the community?
6. When Lauren is speaking with her father she contemplates (and decides against) replying: “No, I think your world is coming to an end, and maybe you with it.” What do you think Lauren means by this?
7. Why do you think the author constructed the book as a series of journal entries?……
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Parable of the sower

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