Paper has to be between 3,600 and 4,500 words. The topic is a focus on a problem facing education. It should be written and cited in APA format and must have at least 10 sources. Topic selection process: The beginning of this topic selection came from the school in my town that I was hoping to potentially student teach in/ longer term goal work for. It is a small-town school with a very large and involved parent population, it is also rather wealthy community. I came to find out that it wouldn’t work out for me to observe there, and I moved my sights over to another school in a close by community that has a completely different demographic, low income, minority, very low parent involvement. This is what spired me to wonder what the effect of those out of classroom influences really have on students. Objectives: The objective for this paper is to create a clearer understanding of not only how parent involvement effects students academically and social emotionally but also contributing factors that might make it more difficult for students to receive that support from parents. Rationale: My belief is that there are many academic and social emotional effects on under privileged students who might not be receiving the same amount of parent involvement outside the classroom as other students. I have attached references I have already found for this paper.

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