APA format. Topic Discussion Patricia Benner Novice to Analyze Patricia Benner novice to ecpert theory Expert Theory Describe the 5 steps from novice to expert practitioner within Benner’s model (novice, advanced beginner, competent provider, proficient provider, and expert provider) Literature Review of RN to Review 3 articles of a RN to APN role in the first APN Role Transition year of practice. Explore the factors that influence APN role transition(5 points for each factor identified in the 3 articles = 15 points) APN Role Implementation Discuss 3 things you plan to implement in your Plan first year to ease your transition from RN to APN ( 5 points for each practice) APA Style Paper must be scholarly and professional written (2 (2 points.) Follows APA 6TH Editon guideline (2 Points.). Level of composition skills, accpted professional writing, and appropriate attribution (1 pt. ea.=3 pts.)

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