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Write a 650 – 750 word paper reflecting upon your professional developmental progress as a result of this course. Consider including the following:

  • How have your beliefs changed during the practicum? What counseling approaches studied during your coursework now seem more or less relevant and applicable as a result of the direct client contact you had at your practicum site? You may cite sources from your Counseling Theories courses or other classes.
  • What are some additional areas in your professional development that you may want to obtain?
  • How have your professional abilities been enhanced at this point in your program?
  • Identify your five greatest accomplishments from the practicum. Why are these accomplishments your greatest?
  • What contributed to your success?
  • Assess your performance across each professional skill contained in your weekly Typhon Hour Logs.
  • What are the total number of direct practice and non-direct hours you have achieved in this course?
  • What are your next steps for licensure once your practicum is completed? I am scheduled to take the National Counselor Examination in March 2021.

I have done a total of 143 hours broken into :

Direct – Individual Counseling= 4

Direct – Group Counseling= 59.5

Indirect – Individual Supervision= 4

Indirect – Staff Meetings (not supervision)= 1

Indirect – In-Service Training= 20.5

Indirect – Progress Notes= 4

Indirect – Client Preparation= 50

Requirements: .doc file

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