I’m working on a writing case study and need a sample draft to help me study.
Background and Assignment
Using the information and exhibits from the “Just Clean Your Hands” case study, write an essay (MLA format) of up to 1200 words that persuades Student Nurses and Volunteers to increase their rate of hand-washing compliance. This must also include a 75-word memo of transmittal to Sarah Noble, telling her what you are sending her. Presumably, she will shape your essay into a pamphlet that will be included in welcome packages for new workers.
You will be graded on style, grammar, clarity, organization, accuracy, and concision, and also on the persuasiveness of your argument. Consequently, you should consider these questions: which points from the case will be most convincing and most relevant to your target audience? How will you catch your audience’s attention? How will you structure your body paragraphs for logic, coherence, and readability? What tone should you adopt? How will you appeal to ethos, pathos, and/or logos? Which of the three should you emphasize?
also create a visual to accompany the essay:

  • Design a small promotional poster for the “Just Clean Your Hands”program. Your poster should include a memorable balance of text and image, adhering to the principles of good document design discussed in lecture and our text. If you use any images that are not yours, you must provide the source under your poster
  • Primary Audience for Assignment : Student Nurses and Volunteers at LHSC; Sarah Noble
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: if you use ANY material from the case (or other sources), youMUST cite it properly. All direct quotations MUST be in quotation marks, followed by a citation; paraphrased passages must include a clear reference to the sourceWord Count: up to 1200 words for essay and memorandum

Requirements: approximately 1000 words   |   .doc file

Persuasive messages with visual